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who we are ; what we do {and our contact details}

Without a doubt the most dedicated and eager {and gifted and pleasant!} wedding- and event coordination team you’ll ever find, pledging to create one-of-a-kind functions every time, all the time. Our main goal is to showcase that weddings can be absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful and well-organized without breaking the bank.

WHAT WE DO {our services}


One-on-one consultations can be scheduled with Someday Soon and will entail a thorough discussion of all wedding and event related aspects, as well as tips and suggestions. This is perfect for the bride who wants to coordinate her own wedding, with a little inside information from a specialist.

On-the-day Coordination:

Our on-the-day package are designed for wedding couples who want to be in charge of all the planning details prior to the wedding, without having to deal with stress and worries on the wedding day itself. This package basically entails that we’ll meet a month before the wedding date to discuss all the final details, suppliers and services. We’ll prepare an in depth time guideline, as well as a complete spreadsheet containing all details of the service providers. On the big day, we’ll be in charge of coordinating all suppliers and ensuring everyone keeps to the time schedule. Quality and efficiency will be our main focus, guaranteeing your wedding day is amazing and without any hiccups!

Comprehensive Coordination:

Our comprehensive package is available for any wedding, function and/or event. Events and functions include, but are not limited to launches, year-end functions, celebrations and much more. We’ll be involved from the first stages of the planning process right until the actual event. All post-event activities will also be our responsibility. Each client will be presented with a detailed estimated budget, which will be revised as the planning process continues, a time guide line stating what will happen during the months prior to the event, a mood board to showcase the exact look and feel of the event, and an in depth action list for the actual event. Monthly catch-up meetings with be scheduled with all clients to ensure all parties are up to date and on the same page regarding the event/wedding.



082 7088 437


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